Appearance of ARCA and SAW Gallery before the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage


On October 30, 2018, Anne Bertrand, director of the Artist-Run Centres and Collective Conference (ARCA), with artist, curator, and cultural worker Jason St-Laurent, director/curator of SAW Gallery, Ottawa, appeared before The House of Commons Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage, in view of its study of Remuneration Models for Artists and Creative Industries in the Context »»



Our colleagues at CARFAC National are asking the community to contribute to their fundraising campaign in support of their Supreme Court Appeal for the fair payment of artists at the National Gallery of Canada. As a collectivity that believes in the payment of artist fees, ARCA encourages those who can to donate generously. CARFAC & RAAV are also advocating for the inclusion of Artist’s Resale Right to the Canadian Copyright Act as has been done in at least 69 other countries. Why not show your support by sending your MP an email requesting his or her support for this bill?

CARFAC Fee Schedule for 2013-2015


ARCA has recently agreed, along with the museum associations (CMA and CAMDO) to extend the CARFAC fee schedule for another three years with yearly increases of 3%, until 2015, for a cumulative increase of 9,27%. Expanding on this, the ARCA membership is in agreement with the principle that fees should be paid, and be subject to annual cost »»