ARCA’s 15th Birthday!


                          FIFTEEN YEARS LATER by Edwin Janzen   On the eve of ARCA’s fifteenth anniversary, we cracked open some boxes and took a little journey backward through time to the organization’s founding—notes, emails, and meeting minutes. A decade-and-a-half later, what we found looked »»

An interview with Julie Ault, Skol (Montréal), October 2011


In this interview, artist Julie Ault, cofounder of Group Material, active from 1979-1996 in New York and internationally, speaks of her experience leading a master class with non-profit cultural workers in a day long reflection on alternative art spaces. Group Material is remembered as a not-for-profit organization that emphasized collaborative and socially engaged artistic practices. Drawing from her lived experience as a participant, and her later role as the ad hoc historian for the group as editor of Show and Tell: A Chronicle of Group Material (2010).