Virtual Coffee House: Love Your Art

Virtual Coffee House: Love Your Art

On behalf of ARCA, we are presenting a virtual coffee house on our YouTube channel on March 16th, 2022.

We are inviting artists from across Canada to display their talents in visual art, poetry, or music as part of a project that investigates the meaning of artist-run culture to the range of artists and artist-run centres located across Canada. Each artist or group of artists will be given a 15 minute session (with a 5 minute grace period before hand) to talk with our ARCA hosts about what artist-run culture means to them and show off their talents in the arts.

To book a time slot, please fill out the sections in this Schedule. All of the slots are first come, first served. Each artist is entitled to one slot. Should the artist run late and fall outside of the 5 minute grace period, we will unfortunately have to move on to the next participant. Note that all time slots are in Eastern Time Zone (Toronto/Central), so please book accordingly.

With the booking of a time slot, artists will be asked to submit a 50-75 word description of what they wish to do on the live stream, along with a sample of their work (sing, dance, physical work, studio tour, etc.), and the time that they wish to present in, to the email with VIRTUAL COFFEE HOUSE_[artist name] in the subject line. This will act as a pre-recorded submission that ARCA can post leading up to and/or during the live, in case the artist is unable to show for their time slot. Submissions close on March 11th at 11:59 EST.

Each artist is responsible for the set up of the space they wish to be in for their session, whether that is their personal studio or a blank backdrop. Artists will also be asked to add their Instagram page (artist alias or personal), so ARCA can tag them in any posts relating to this event if their work is being shared.

The ARCA team is looking forward to organizing this event and hearing from artists all across Canada!
Submission application due March 11th at 11:59 PM EST

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