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FEBRUARY 20, 2020—ARCA NEEDS YOUR HELP! ARCA recently began the third phase of its project (not) just a question of money to support efforts to diversify organizational revenues using management and promotion tools, including a series of informational videos. ARCA needs your help to source video documentation and archival footage that highlight some of the services offered at your centres.





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ARCA recently began the third phase of its project (not) just a question of money to support efforts to diversify organizational revenues using management and promotion tools, including a series of informational videos. This series of videos is being designed as a mediation tool for ARC administrators seeking corporate sponsorships, for example, or simply in promoting their services to students, emerging artists, curators, educators. An emphasis upon service (i.e., as opposed to programming) may seem less than dreamy to our ears, but it is intrinsic to the emergence of artist-run centres, which came into existence thanks to the impulses of artists who organized themselves to acquire exhibition and networking spaces, and production gear and facilities.

ARCA needs your help to source video documentation and archival footage that highlight some of the services offered at your centres: support for creation (residencies, artist workshops, production workshops), dissemination (formal or informal exhibition spaces, or in public space), mediation (visits, interviews, talks or workshops with the artists), and democratic life (meetings of committees, assemblies, retreats, parties, and special member activities). We will do our utmost to tell a plausible story that represents your centre and the artists you serve, without being a fully precise portrait (how could we, given that there are some 180 artist-run centres?).

As you may recall, in October 2018, ARCA was awarded financial assistance in the amount of $143,534, over three years, from the Strategic Initiatives component of the Canada Cultural Investment Fund. The funds are intended to develop the capacity, on the part of ARCA and its membership of small arts organizations, to better account for public investment to funders, beneficiaries, donors, sponsors, and other stakeholders.

If you have materials that you would like to share for this project, please contact Benjamin J. Allard, project manager, at benjamin(at)arca(dot)com. Benjamin will gladly assist you with the transfer and licensing.



OPEN DATA—In our last chapter on the different levers of discoverability, we briefly examined the concept of linked data. For this third installment, we’ll take a closer look at open data. The concept is gaining ground within government and academic circles as new demands are being made in terms of transparency (see Government of Canada Open Data portal) and accessibility to publicly funded research results. So what does this mean for artist-run centres and what can it help us accomplish? Read the article here: http://www.arca.art/en/resources/open-data-2/


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VAA strategizing with lobbyist Nicole Doucet

The Visual Arts Alliance (VAA) is proud to announce that it has retained the services of consultant and lobbyist Nicole Doucet to support its members in developing a concerted advocacy strategy for the visual and media arts, and the contemporary craft sector. A first brainstorming meeting, held in Ottawa on February 4, allowed us to take stock of the evolution of shared issues since the VAA’s founding in 2007. Among these, concerns related to funding and the continuing precarity of artists and cultural workers were pressing; to these must be added steps that aim to promote equity and reconciliation with First Nations, Métis, and Inuit peoples, and which address the international recognition of artists and the impact of digital culture on our sector.

The Alliance is not a formal organization or institution, but operates as a stakeholder network of associations representing the interests of the visual arts milieu.


INVISIBLES: Action for Better Representation of Contemporary Artists in the Media

Deploring the lack of coverage of contemporary art in the media, artist Christian Messier has set out on a campaign to highlight underrepresented Quebec artists. The campaign begins with “366 days / 366 artists,” an action in which, each day, he publishes the work of a Quebec artist on his Facebook page. The project has already generated a petition of more than 9,000 signatures. Further actions will be carried out by members of the contemporary art community. To find out more, please visit: https://www.invisibles-artsvisuels.com/


Qualitative Impact Framework

Last December, the Canada Council for the Arts published its Qualitative Impact Framework, a report intended to provide guidelines for measuring the impact of government investment of public funds in the arts. Closer to home, the framework can guide artists and organizations in understanding and articulating the impact of their work on building support for artistic practices, and in assessing, the gains being made by artists domestically and abroad. Questions to explore include the effects of funding on programming, on long-term planning, and on leveraging other funding sources and partnerships; centres may wish to reflect on the impact of project funding versus multi-year funding upon employment conditions, while ARCA and others will consider the impact of the new funding criteria on its operations. The report’s authors insist that the framework will not be used as an instrument for assessing the work of the artists and organizations the Council funds, and will not influence the decisions of peer assessment committees.

Read the full report here.



Catherine Bodmer appointed RCAAQ Deputy Director

The Board of Directors and the Executive Director of the RCAAQ are pleased to announce the appointment of Catherine Bodmer as Deputy Director. Catherine will work in close collaboration with Executive Director Bastien Gilbert, with the ongoing administrative support of Lucie Bureau.

Congratulations to Catherine Bodmer on this promotion and on her new role within the RCAAQ!


Congratulations to newly elected ARCCO board members! 

Members of the Artist-run Centres and Collectives of Ontario (ARCCO) convened a Special General Meeting on Tuesday, February 18, 2020 to appoint a new board of directors that will stand through to a more formal Annual General Meeting planned for later this spring. After many changes in the organization over the past few years and recent board departures, this meeting answered an urgent need for board members in order to fulfill ARCCO’s services and secure funding into the future. The meeting was very much seen as a moment of renewal for the organization, with the support of many long-time members as well as support from the provincial and identity-based artist-run associations members of ARCA. The new board of directors consists of representatives from artist-run centres from many parts of the province. They are:

Jonathan Middleton, Art Metropole (Toronto) Chair/President
Tam-Ca Vo-Van, SAW Gallery (Ottawa) Vice-chair/Vice-President
Matthew Kyba, Forest City Gallery (London) – Secretary
Dermot Wilson, Nipissing Region Curatorial Collective (North Bay) – Treasurer
Lucas Cabral, Artcite (Windsor)
Anne Sophie Grenier, Modern Fuel (Kingston)
Paul Walty, Le Labo (Toronto)



Fifteen Years Later
by Edwin Janzen

On the eve of ARCA’s fifteenth anniversary, we cracked open some boxes and took a little journey backward through time to the organization’s founding—notes, emails, and meeting minutes. A decade-and-a-half later, what we found looked both familiar and different from the ARCA of today.  >>



* Make sure to also pop in to our regularly updated Directory for the latest calls for submissions from artist-run centres.
* Consultez aussi Le Répertoire en ligne de l’ARCA pour connaître les plus récents appels de dossiers des centres d’artistes.


Appel de dossiers – Première Ovation
Deadline/Tombée: 2 mars 2020

Call for proposals – Galerie AVE
Deadline/Tombée: 10 mars 2020 à 23h59

Multiple calls – Ville de Brossard
Deadline/Tombée: 14 mars 2020

Appel de dossiers : Projet de murale 2020
Deadline/Tombée: Galerie d’art Stewart Hall de Pointe-Claire

Public art
Call for artist proposals – Lumen 2020
Deadline/Tombée: 28 février 2020 à 17h00

Call for submissions – King William Street Public Art
Deadline/Tombée: 27 février 2020 à 15h00

Call for submissions – Urban Confluence Silicon Valley
Deadline/Tombéee: 3 avril 2020 à 23h00

Appel de candidatures – Ministère de la Culture et des Communications
Deadline/Tombée: 6 avril 2020 à 23h59

Call for applications – The Salt Spring Arts Council (SSAC) Artist in Residence (AiR) Program
Deadline/Tombée: 15 avril 2020

Multiple calls – Women’s Studio Workshop
Deadline/Tombée: 1er avril 2020 à minuit (HNE)

Call for applicants – Blue Cabin Floating Artist Residency
Deadline/Tombée: 24 février 2020 à 15h (HNP)

Artist in Residence Program – City of Maple Ridge
Deadline/Tombée: 21 février 2020 à 17h00

Call for applications – Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts
Deadline/Tombée: 1er avril 2020

Call for Submissions – MAG Summer Artist Residency 2020
Deadline/Tombée: 1er mars 2020

Call for submissions – Living Hyphen
Deadline/Tombée: 25 février 2020

Call for applicants – 2020/21 C Magazine Editorial Fellowship
Deadline/Tombée: 10 mars 2020

Call for submissions – 2020 C New Critics Award Call
Deadline/Tombée: 21 avril 2020

Appel de propositions – Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec
Deadline/Tombée: 21 février 2020 à 16h00

Scholarships / Bourses
Multiple calls – Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation
Deadline/Tombée: 21 février 2020

For more calls:
La Liste de l’AGAVF: http://www.agavf.ca/laliste