Call for Submissions / VOLUME 2 MTL



Deadline: September 24, 2019

The Artist-Run Centres and Collectives Conference (ARCA) invites publishing artist-run centres to submit their publications to VOLUME 2 MTL: ART AND THE BOOK. As an artist-run centre, you will be given a spot at ARCA’s table to promote and sell your latest publications (artist books, magazines, critical essays, ephemeral publications, and all other printed matter). Be among 80 other exhibitors at this international, bilingual art book fair! Selected books will be on sale October 5 and 6, 2019. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to promote your work to the world of book publishing, artist books, and books on art.

If you would like to submit your publications for this event, please complete the attached form before September 24, 2019, 3 P.M. EST. Selected participants will be allowed to send up to two copies of each chosen title. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by email at for more information.


VOLUME 2 MTL. Launched in 2018 by ARCMTL, this event allows publishers of artists books and books on art from around the world to come together in North America’s only bilingual metropolis. For this 2nd edition, the theme is artists’ books as collaborative entities. Several guests from Europe, the US, and across Canada will engage in a range of collaborative projects and activities exploring practices with long traditions of collaboration among artists, such as mail art, collage, and visual poetry. > More info