Lands to Travel Through – the 2020 gathering of Artist-Run Centres, Calgary, AB

In August 2020, the Alberta Association of Artist-run Centres (AAARC) will partner with Artist-Run Centres and Collectives Conference (ARCA) to host a transnational gathering of artists and artist-run organizations, meeting in Calgary on Treaty 7 territory. Titled Lands to Travel Through, this four-day event will centre practices of care, reciprocity and resource-sharing as critical responses to our current social and political climate—presenting the opportunity to come together, and continue to design models for how to be, otherwise.

These lands are what sustain us, so how might we re-orient our practices to reflect this reality? How do we build more resilient and sustainable relationships with the land and with each other? How can we hold our work, ourselves and other human and non-human beings with greater care?

What can we learn from each other about generosity, resource sharing, and respect for resources, in contrast to the typical approach to natural resources, namely that they are there to be extracted, owned, sold, and burned? And if our evaluations of professionalism and artistic merit are inherently bound up in Western structures of colonial power, what changes are needed to build a new grammar for contemporary art?

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Registration opens January 2020.