New Funding Model at the Canada Council for the Arts: ARCA raises concerns


Montréal, January 29, 2015 – On January 20th, the Canada Council for the Arts held its Annual Public Meeting, and announced sweeping changes to the existing granting program to be implemented by 2017. Notably, the announcement proposes a reduction of the number of grant programs administered by Council from 142 to fewer than 10.

ARCA at Arts Day on Parliament Hill, October 21, 2014, Ottawa


The Artist-Run Centres and Collectives Conference (ARCA) is once again proud to be joining the Arts Day on the Hill campaign organised by the Canadian Arts Coalition. This advocacy action brings together arts leaders in all disciplines from across Canada. Participants, organised into smaller, mixed groups, meet with Senators, MPs and senior officials. The purpose of the meetings is to discuss the important role that federal policies and programs play in solidarity with our organisations. This year’s ARCA delegation includes Todd Janes, ARCA president and director of Latitude 53, Edmonton and Anne Bertrand, ARCA director.

Performance art organisations’ networking meeting: 16-17 October, Rouyn-Noranda, QC


The Biennale d’art performatif de Rouyn-Noranda, operated by L’écart, is hosting the 2nd edition of the Performance art networking meeting bringing together some twenty organisations from across Canada. Expanding on the first edition organised and hosted in October 2012 by LIVE, Vancouver, BC, the second meeting has invited a few more artist-run centres and collectives to deepen the discussion on networking presenters in order to better support performance art practices and their artists.

ARCA at the 17th Annual Canadian Arts Summit


Representing ARCA for the first time at the Canadian Arts Summit, I was invited, along with six other “fellows,” after responding to an open call with a letter listing my participation in various arts advocacy committees in the previous year. I had done the work. My preconception of the Summit was grounded in a vague impression of exclusivity, restricted to a circle of mostly Toronto-based arts establishments with budgets over 5M$. Face-to-face meetings are humanizing: the programming was solid and informative and the less formal conversations demystifying.

The Advocate’s Tool Kit: 2016 pre-budget consultation


What riding is your centre located in? Have you started thinking about our new government’s promise to double the budget of the Canada Council for the Arts? The following resource is adapted from the Canadian Arts Coalition’s website. Arca encourages members of the artist-run community to adapt and personalize the material produced for the 2014 Arts Day on the Hill campaign, and adapted by ARCA, to engage with local politicians. The topic for the 2014 pre-budget committee hearings was “maximizing the number and types of jobs for Canadians.” This topic remains a top priority so take the opportunity to highlight recent statistics on employment in the artist-run network, and, to reiterate the Canadian Arts Coalitions recommendations for the federal budget 2016. Once again, Arca thanks the Coalition’s volunteers for developing and sharing this material.

Results of the Arts 308 campaign and 2014 federal budget


The Canadian Coalition for the Arts has just ended the Arts 308 campaign launched last October. Described as the longest campaign ever conducted by the Coalition, it was successful in delivering key messages to 122 members of parliament either in person, or via social media. The federal budget has since been unveiled and reveals almost no changes to arts funding.

Performance Art Presentation in Canada Today: A Summary


ARCA is proud to announce the upcoming publication of PERFORMANCE ART PRESENTATION IN CANADA TODAY, a summary of the LIVE Retreat minutes, Vancouver October 9 & 10, 2012, in INTER, ART ACTUEL – #115 fall issue, prepared by Stacey Ho and Randy Gledhill with the support of the Artist-Run Centres and Collectives Conference / La Conférence des collectifs et des centres d’artistes autogérés (ARCCC/CCCAA, aka ARCA).

Rebecca Belmore, laureate of the GGAVMA


GREAT speech by Rebecca Belmore, laureate of the 2013 Governor General’s Award in Visual and Media Arts, giving props to artist-run centres, Canada Council for the arts, public funding, peer adjudication… congratulations Rebecca! And, check out this website produced by Grunt artist-run centre created for Rebecca Belmore Also, the Canada Council and the Independent Media Arts Alliance put out a call »»

The Arts on the Radar


If the first few weeks of the New Year are any indication, the arts, and more specifically, artist-run centres are increasingly on the radar of the mainstream media. Of great interest to our milieu, is the publication in the Canadian press, of results from a recent telephone poll of 1,001 Canadians, conducted by Phoenix Strategic Perspectives Inc., last summer, at the request of the federal government. The survey reveals that a crushing majority of Canadians are in favour of government support for the arts.

Arts Day on Parliament Hill, October 23, 2012, Ottawa


ARCA is proud to have been part of the 3rd edition of the Canadian Arts Coalition’s Day on the Hill on October 23 with a group of over 120 arts leaders from across Canada. This advocacy group constituted from a range of arts disciplines was broken up into smaller, mixed groups and met with Senators, MPs and senior officials over an amazing one hundred and eight meetings of 30 minutes each.