l’arca in the loop — # 25


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ARCA visits centres in Edmonton and Calgary, March 2014


On my way to Banff to attend the Canadian Arts Summit, I visited artist-run centres in Edmonton and Calgary to meet with colleagues, some for the first time. In Edmonton, ARCA president and director of Latitude 53 Todd Janes accompanied me on a tour of centres, including SNAP and Harcourt House; In Calgary, I was greeted by AAARC president Su Ying Strang of The New Gallery and taken on a quick tour of Untitled, Stride, and the New Gallery, all located in new spaces, before joining the gathered artist-run leaders for a meeting at Truck in their new industrial location a little on the edge of things.

Update on post-flood Calgary Artist-Run Centres


The recent flooding has taken a toll on the artist-run scene in Calgary. Organizations such as The New Gallery, Alberta Printmakers, the Untitled Art Society and TRUCK survived the flooding with only the minor inconvenience of being without power for two weeks. Unfortunately, the same could not be said for Stride Gallery or the DIY space of Avalanche. Both of these galleries experienced severe damage with over a foot of water in their respective exhibition spaces. Stride has suspended its operations but will be relaunching their September programming from a temporary space in TRUCK Gallery’s new location.