Artexte Publisher’s Toolkit

Artexte is an information centre located in Montreal. Artexte has a unique collection of documents that covers the visual arts from 1965 to the present, with an emphasis on the art of Québec and Canada. Artexte has developed a unique open access digital repository for documents in the visual arts in Canada called e-artexte. The Publisher’s Toolkit, available via ARCA’s resource page, provides an introduction to the platform, a user’s guide as well as additional information and resources.

In keeping with the world’s leading research libraries and universities, the e-artexte self-archiving repository caters to the needs of museums, galleries, artist-run centres and other publishers/authors in the visual arts community who are looking for ways to make their publications more widely accessible via the Internet. Free access is a founding principle of the e-artexte service.

Artexte is committed to the understanding and the advancement of the visual arts through reliable information sources. Its primary goal is the study and the development of material that documents the field of contemporary art.

The e-artexte platform

The e-artexte guidelines