The Grey Guide in print


Kick off launch on September 23rd, 2017, from 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm at Nautilus Nautilus, an Or Bookstore kiosk in partnership with Flotilla , Charlottetown, PE Also available at  Le Port de Tête (Montréal), Art Metropole (Toronto) and the Or bookstore (Vancouver) as of September 23rd. The Grey Guide to Artist-Run Publishing and Circulation is the most cutting edge guide on art publishing in »»

Brief 07 — The Post-Digital Now


This last brief proposes advocacy avenues like the development of a writing fee schedule and support for non-literary, creative non-fiction translation, to further recognize art publishing as a distinct artistic form. Read the brief here .

Brief 05 — Situating Artist-Run Publishing within Digital Culture


This brief outlines the concept of the “public domain” as both a legal category and a symbolic battleground where international intellectual property law is contested by post-national “free culture” movements, which do not identify with social and economic inequalities arising from the restriction of cultural expression in a networked society. Read the brief here .

Brief 03 — Material Conditions


This brief considers the unstable economics of writing and publishing both within and beyond artist–run culture. In Canada and Quebec, fiction and non-fiction writers must learn to navigate the standard practices of multiple publishing milieus, all the while augmenting this activity with other sources of income. Read the brief here.

Brief 02 — From Dissemination to Circulation


This second brief will emphasize the active role that the publisher must play to ensure a connection with immediate and long–term readerships, whether this publisher is an artist–run centre, an independent small press, or the authors/artists themselves.  Read the brief here

Faceted Taxonomy of Publication Forms


This is a faceted taxonomy of publishing forms and genres typically used in visual arts publishing. The idea is to show how, in artist-led publishing, the aesthetic choice of form is critical to attracting a public and to facilitating circulation through atypical trade routes. Consult the taxonomy here .