Visual Arts Consultations to be Launched

In a conference call on Wednesday September 10, 2014 with the members of the Visual Arts Alliance (VAA), Sylvie Gilbert, head of the Visual Arts Section of the Canada Council for the Arts, announced a major consultation initiative on the Council’s operating program. There will be 11 regional meetings each with approximately 20 individuals in each city. This process will be facilitated by a professional consulting firm, and include an online survey and blog to be made available in the coming weeks.

The regional meetings, or workshops, will be by invitation only, to represent a sector-wide perspective, including artist run centers, artists, museum directors dealers, funded organizations and non-funded organizations, etc.  Representatives from other funding bodies including the Department of Canadian Heritage will attend the regional meetings. The first meeting will be held in Toronto, ON on October 1st.

Head of section Sylvie Gilbert stated this was about reaching a shared point of view on priorities for the organisational operating funding programs of the Visual Arts Section. She added it was a good time for this conversation as there is no immediate pressure to make any changes. The Council wishes to identify the changes taking place in the visual arts, how organisations are facing and adapting to change, and how Council can adapt its support to better reflect these changes.

The Artist-Run Centres and Collectives Conference (ARCCC/CCCAA, aka ARCA) urges you to participate in the online survey and to attend the workshops if invited.

For further details, we invite you to consult the Canada Council’s website in coming weeks.