l’arca in the loop #29

NEWSLETTER: L’ARCA IN THE LOOP #29—à la UNE: ARCA is proud to collaborate with Montreal-based illustrator and animated filmmaker Diane Obomsawin, aka Obom, to bring to life our 2020 edition of l’arca dans la poche – in the loop newsletter. Welcome, Diane! + News from the membership + Digital literacy in six micro-bites + ARCA’s 15th Birthday.





  • à la UNE.

ARCA is proud to collaborate with Montreal-based illustrator and animated filmmaker Diane Obomsawin, aka Obom, to bring to life our 2020 edition of l’arca dans la poche – in the loop newsletter. Welcome, Diane!

Diane has published graphic novels in French with L’Oie de Cravan and in English with Drawn & Quarterly. She has produced many independent films in collaboration with the National Film Board of Canada, including six auteur films. Over the years, she has created her own unique style tinged with innocence and reserve, humour and deep humanity, with frequent references to her everyday life. Each of her works is steeped with gravity and candor, both in their subject matter and the simplicity of her drawings. This impressive balance gives her work the quality of an urban fable that is both poetic and grounded in reality.  Since 2012, she has also worked in installation, which lends a temporal and spatial dimension to her modern-day parables and dream-like visions.

Website of the artist.




Crédits : Obom, Spock & Tweety bird, 1916, collage.











        • Lands to Travel Through—An Artist-Run Gathering in Alberta. / Sophia Bartholomew

        The Lands to Travel Through organizing committee brings together directors from seven Alberta-based artist-run organizations and members of the Alberta Association of Artist-Run Centres (AAARC) – Latitude 53Ociciwan Contemporary Art CollectiveSNAPStride GalleryThe New GalleryTRUCK Contemporary Art, and Untitled Art Society – working in partnership with ARCA, and with the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts, Canadian Heritage, and Calgary Arts Development. We’re excited to be working with two curatorial fellows – Christina Battle and Ociciwan Contemporary Art Collective – to address broad themes of care, resource-sharing, remediation, in a varied program of workshops, conversations, artworks, meals, and performances, hosted in Mohkinstsis/Calgary.

        Delegate registration will open at the end of February, alongside major programming announcements.

        Save the date: August 5 – 8, 2020.


        Left to right: Su Ying Strang of The New Gallery, Natasha Chaykowski of Untitled Art Society, Becca Taylor of Ociciwan Contemporary Art Collective, April Dean of SNAP, Christina Battle, Ginger Carlson of TRUCK Contemporary Art, sophia bartholomew our operations coordinator, Michelle Schultz of Latitude 53, and Areum Kim of Stride Gallery.













        • Digital literacy in six microbites.

        Are You Digitally Illiterate?


        • ARCA’s 15th Birthday.

        May 5th 2020 is the 15th anniversary of the official constitution of ARCCC-CCCAA (aka ARCA). To mark this event, ARCA has hired archivist Lucie Bureau to help the team sift through the organization’s historical archives. In the process, we’ve been revisiting files from as far back as 2003 that document the discussions, research, and concerns that led to ARCA’s foundation. Although several players in the artist-run centre community at that time took part in the discussions held on the side of national conferences such as Convergence (2002), Tiré à Part (2003), and INFest (2004), it’s the leadership of Jewel Goodwyn, Bastien Gilbert, Cindy Baker, Jonathan Middleton, and Steve Loft, members of the steering committee, that led to the foundation of our pan-Canadian association. The minutes from some of those meetings, including ones with the Canada Council for the Arts and the Arts Policy branch of the Department of Canadian Heritage, or with other cultural workers, reveals that many of our concerns back then are still relevant today: equity, the autonomy of regional associations, representation of identity and disciplinary caucuses, job insecurity, working conditions, and governance. >>


        Association des groupe en arts visuels francophones

        Regroupement des centres d’artistes autogérés du Québec

        A plan to possibly mutualize or even integrate the RCAAQ with the Conseil Québécois des arts médiatiques (CQAM) and the Regroupement des arts interdisciplinaires du Québec (RAIQ), which was initiated a few years ago, is entering a new phase of development. >>

        Association of Artist-Run Centres and Collectives of Ontario

        ARCCO held its Special Members’ Meeting on November 25, 2019, to consult with the membership and initiate a reorganization process. >>

        Plains Artist-Run Centres Association

        PARCA held its annual face-to-face meeting at Neutral Ground, in Regina, early last December. >>


        • e-addition / e-artexe.

        Clausen, Barbara and Boivin, Jade and Choquette, Emmanuelle. Une bibliographie commentée en temps réel : l’art de la performance au Québec et au Canada = An Annotated Bibliography in Real Time : Performance Art in Quebec and Canada. Montréal, Qc: Artexte, 2019.


        • Appels—Calls.

        * Make sure to also pop in to our recently updated
        Directory for the latest calls for submissions
        from artist-run centres.


        John Hobday Awards in Arts Management /
        Prix John-Hobday en gestion des arts
        Deadline/Tombée: 1er mars 2020

        Artspace: Erring at King George
        Deadline/Tombée: 2 février 2020

        Appel de dossiers: Université Laval
        Deadline/Tombée: 25 janvier 2020

        Call for submissions: Art Gallery of St. Albert
        Deadline/Tombée: 13 février 2020

        Call for Artists and Projects 2020: ARTErra Residency
        Deadline/Tombée: 15 mars 2020

        Appel à projets : Centre d’arts visuels de l’Alberta (Le CAVA)
        Deadline/Tombée : 15 février 2020

        Call for submissions : Supercrawl
        Deadline/Tombée: 31 janvier 2020

        Call for proposals : Left of Main
        Deadline/Tombée: 1er février 2020

        Appel d’offres : Association acadienne des artistes professionnel.le.s du Nouveau-Brunswick (Shediac)
        Deadline/Tombée: 31 janvier 2020

        Appel d’offres : Association acadienne des artistes professionnel.le.s du Nouveau-Brunswick (Saint-Quentin)
        Deadline/Tombée: 31 janvier 2020

        Appel de dossiers : Culture Trois-Rivières
        Deadline/Tombée: 1er février 2020

        Call for submissions : Never Was Average
        Deadline/Tombée: 30 janvier 2020

        Appel de texte : esse arts + opinions numéro 100
        Deadline/Tombée : 1er avril 2020

        Call for applications : RAW Académie
        Deadline/Tombée: 31 janvier 2020

        Open Call for Artworks and Curatorial Proposals : Vector Festival 2020
        Deadline/Tombée: 1er février 2020

        Call for proposals : Art In the Open
        Deadline/Tombée: 3 avril 2020

        Call for proposals : City of Surrey’s 2020 Public Art Banners
        Deadline/Tombée: 31 janvier 2020