to inform our approach for Lands to Travel Through

Dear delegates and followers,
A working committee of the Alberta Association of Artist-Run Centres (AAARC) has continued meeting throughout the year to discuss the impacts of COVID-19 on the gathering, and begin to reimagine Lands To Travel Through. AAARC remains committed to centering practices of care, especially during these trying times. Due to the shifting circumstances that accompany the pandemic, we are looking to our communities to better gauge and understand interest and capacity for gathering and participating in Lands To Travel Through in August 2021. Opening up to possibilities of in-person, online, long-distance, and hybrid models of programming, we humbly ask for your feedback to inform our adapted approach, so that we might make plans that fit your needs at this time. In answering the following questions, you are helping us take these crucial next steps, and we could not be more thankful for your generous feedback and continued support!
Please take the survey here:
For any questions, please contact Emily Peterson, Communications Coordinator at
Responses are collected by January 21, 2021.